The DTW Quarterly Issue #2: Winter 2010

The DTW Quarterly

 (An online quarterly dedicated to the life, works and vision of Douglas Turner Ward, African American theatre’s foremost artisan and advocate.)


Douglas Turner Ward is one of the most important figures in American Theatre today. He is the recipient of every major award in our theatre including “The Broadway Hall of Fame”. In practice he is a Playwright, Actor, Director, Producer, Administrator and Visionary who (with Robert Hooks and Gerry Krone) founded the NEC and is considered to be “The Founding Father of Modern Black Theatre”. And although he is semi-retired and has just celebrated his 80th birthday Ward continues to be a fierce advocate for the advancement of Black or African-American Theatre and its artists.

Each issue will contain news, photos, interviews, historical information and other pertinent data about this seminal figure.

I am not interested in integrated theatre; I’m not interested in segregated theatre either. I happen to be interested in the theatre of Negro or black composition, or orientation. This is not a narrow thing, it’s a broad thing.
-Douglas Turner Ward-1966

Editor’s note

WELCOME to our second issue of this Quarterly. The response to our Fall issue was gratifying and welcomed.


Thus far I have been writing all the articles for this Journal and if I have to continue doing it, of course I will. But I would like to have some other voices besides mine to become a part of this forum. So I am inviting submissions of articles, anecdotes, quotes, photos, opinions and/or observations about Doug Ward, The NEC or African American Theatre in general for meditation and discourse.  Please submit by email only to:

Gus Edwards, Chief Editor

Travis Mills, Assistant Editor

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