Doug Ward Today: An Update

Doug Ward Today: An Update


I spoke to Doug a few days ago and I’m happy to report that he continues to be on the mend from his serious operation in May 2010.

Here are the letters he has asked me to publish.

The Second Letter

October 9, 2010

Dear Doug,

     I am very happy to be writing to you today. This is from Dianne McIntyre. I heard that you had surgery this summer. I hope that all went very well and that you are getting stronger with each day.

     I am privileged to be one of the alumni of the NEC asked to participate in honoring you with a contribution. It is a wonderful opportunity to make available to us-those of us who have experienced from the inside the jewel that is the NEC.

     Over the years I have shared with many people how, as a choreographer I was initiated into the theatre by having the good fortune to work with you. Nothing in my work would be the same without my experiences at the NEC. I learned so much from you – watching you direct the actors, pulling from them the greatness some didn’t realize they had. Watching you work magic with psychology and subtle, and not- so- subtle techniques – achieving riveting performances. I learned so much. I learned to forward the action of a play with movement alone. I learned that from you. Your nuanced collaborations with designers, composers, your staff – all of that seeped into my consciousness and has supported me in all of my dance and theatre work. And just being immersed in the atmosphere of your organization -The Negro Ensemble Company- What a blessing!

     The dynamism of the artists; of staff; the bold professionalism; fountains of creativity; the whole Black consciousness foundation – amazing. NEC helped propel the arts, the society, the world into a new “ideal”. – a forward thinking direction – a profound way of absorbing issues and the poetics of race, culture, politics, art. It changed the world. I am sooo happy to be part of the NEC family.

     NEC –more than a National Treasure!

Much love,

Dianne McIntyre

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