Doug Ward: An Update

Doug Ward – An Update

Doug Ward (June 2011)


I saw Doug in May when I was in New York. His recuperation is coming along slowly but surely. It is an inch by inch process but things are moving in a positive direction so that is GOOD NEWS.
We talked for hours on end like we always do. His mind is as lively and nimble as ever. His robust sense of humor is still there. And he still has an eye (or more accurately two eyes) for the endless array of feminine pulchritude moving across our field of vision as we walked the streets or sat in Union Square Park.
He tells me that he is now getting back to organizing and working on the various projects he had to temporarily put aside due to his illness. He also informed me that he is making himself more computer savvy with each passing day.
Once again he asked me to convey his appreciation and gratitude for the great outpouring of support he received. In his own word he said he was “overwhelmed” by it.
In August I will be in New York once again and we will meet, have dinner and talk. I will report on that in the Fall issue which should be online around September 15th.


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