Doug Ward – Update

Doug Ward – Update

On my way to Provincetown, Massachusetts last August I spent three days in New York. The first day (8/11) I had lunch with Doug. The next day (Friday) Paul Carter Harrison joined us. Both times was fun especially the second when Paul was there and I am happy to say that Doug was in high spirits and mentally alert as ever. We talked, laughed, argued and ate. He challenged and stimulated us in a variety of ways…After we left him both Paul and I agreed that it had been a long time since we’ve had lunch that was as interesting or intellectually as invigorating. Proving once again that, conversationally speaking, Doug still remains a man for all seasons.


Note:  Doug will be in San Francisco on October 11th at the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre for the opening of his play Day of Absence being presented and directed by former NEC member Steven A. Jones Artistic Director of The Lorraine Hansberry. This is as it should be since Doug was, many years before, a close friend of Ms. Hansberry and the inspiration for her becoming a playwright. For more information about this event  go to or call 415-345-3980.

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