Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

The DTW Quarterly

Winter 2011

Issue # 6

WELCOME to our 6th edition of this quarterly. Our theme for this issue is “Playwrights and playwriting and the NEC”…Almost from the moment the NEC announced its existence it was inundated with plays from all over seeking exposure of some kind. Plays by African American playwrights addressing themes and stories from black life. There were so many stories to tell and in 1967 there were virtually no stages on which these stories could be enacted. The NEC changed all that.


In this issue we are featuring an interview with Charles Fuller, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of “A Soldier’s Play”. To date the NEC has produced more of Fuller’s plays than any other author. Eight of his works, including the massive WE- 4 play series (Sally, Prince, Jonquil and Burner’s Frolic) were presented during Doug’s tenure as artistic director.


We have also included a series of comments by Doug on the NEC being a “Writer’s Theatre”…There is an article/interview on the NEC’s media efforts…A narrative on how the anthology “Classic Plays of the NEC” came about.


And finally there is an update on Doug in San Francisco last October and in New York two weeks ago.


So read and enjoy…And oh yes, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


The editors.

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