Editor’s Note

Hello everyone!

We are back with a new issue of the Douglas Turner Ward Quarterly. For a change of pace, this issue will mostly visual, featuring pictures of plays, playwrights, and actors as well as photos from the recent conference in Texas where Doug was honored. Also, this issue features the release of the new documentary Lion at Rest: Conversations with Douglas Turner Ward. This is Part 1, to be continued in the near future.

We hope you enjoy.

Gus Edwards, Editor

Travis Mills, Co-Editor


4 thoughts on “Editor’s Note

  1. Charles Fuller says:

    Thanks Gus, I’ve been going over the issues and remembering. It’s a good feeling.

  2. Mike says:

    Dear Gus Edwards and Travis Mills,

    First of all, outstanding work with the quarterly! This is important stuff and you’re doing it right.

    I’m writing about an image I’m trying to secure for an article in which I discuss Ward’s Day of Absence and the NEC production. Specifically, I’m looking for a hi-res image of Ward as the mayor (in white face, of course) surrounded by his female staff members.

    Do you have a copy of that image? The only one I have is from the Third Press edition. And I’m looking for permission, as well.

    Any help you can provide is very much appreciated.

    Mike Sell
    Professor of English
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    • gustravis says:

      Thank you for your comment. We do not have a copy unfortunately. The only thing we can suggest is that the photograph was taken by photographer Burt Andrews. Perhaps you could contact the Burt Andrews estate. Good luck.

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