Doug Ward – Update

Doug Ward – Update


I called Doug yesterday to wish him a HAPPY NEW YEAR and in general to see how things are going with him. He told me that the radiation treatments he received for his cancer operation two years ago have been causing him a considerable amount of problems with his teeth. So much so that it’s going to require weeks and months of dental work involving root canals, caps and molar replacements before things are restored to the point where he can eat a meal comfortably. The work has already begun but it is a slow process, made even slower by appointment cancellations and worry about his ability to pay for the work that’s being done. We’ve all been to the dentist and know how expensive even some of the simplest treatments such as “cleaning” and “bridge work” can be even when some of it is being covered by dental insurance. Doug has no insurance and intends to solicit via the ANEC (Alumni of the NEC) a campaign to raise necessary funds to pay for this work. I asked and he estimates that the final bill will be in the vicinity of ten thousand dollars. I told him that I would be announcing this fact here in the Quarterly in hopes that it will rally some financial support for him as well. I know that any amount given will be much appreciated by this man who has given so much to so many and hardly ever asked for anything in return.

Anyone wishing to send donations may send it to Diana Ward (Doug’s wife) at 222 East 11th Street, Apt#5, New York, New York 10003.

As a society we tend to appreciate those who have done great things for us collectively and individually after they’re gone, wishing we had expressed our sentiments earlier. Here now is our opportunity to do so before it becomes too late.

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