Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Over the years I have known Douglas Turner Ward which goes back to 1977 when he produced my first play, I have been taping our conversations on a regular basis in order to preserve his opinions on various aspects of both the history of the Negro Ensemble Company and his perspectives on African American Theatre.

The Douglas Turner Ward Quarterly is an attempt to call attention to this important figure  who deserves recognition for both his body of work and his achievements in situating Black Theatre into the corpus of contemporary American Theatre.  As editors, we feel it our responsibility to record and publish this material so that others may share and engage with the ideas of Douglas Turner Ward.

Gus Edwards, Chief Editor

Travis Mills, Assistant Editor


3 thoughts on “Editor’s Note

  1. May Engler says:

    This is not exactly a reply. As you are in touch with Doug (or as I was used to calling him, Rosie) could you pass along affectionate greetings from May (Mrs. Sam) Engler. You made a reference to ‘recuperation’ so please let him know I am still of this earth and would very much like to hear from him before either of us leaves. I am at the same address where he would visit Sam and me, same phone number but also with an email address. Thank you. May Engler

    355 8th Ave. (14 F)
    New York, NY 10001

  2. Charles Fuller says:

    Came across this by accident. It is wonderful! Doug is one of the great directors in the USA and has not been given the praise he deserves. Thanks for doing this. Let me know how I can help.
    Charles Fuller

    • gustravis says:

      Hi Charles,
      Good to hear from you and I’m glad that you like the blog. Right now I’m undergoing some severe medical issues ( right knee replacement surgery) so I’m not as clear headed as I might be. But I will be in touch in the future’ Thanks again,


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