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Doug Ward on Paul Carter Harrison and The Great MacDaddy

Doug Ward on Paul Carter Harrison and The Great Mac Daddy.


I met Paul soon after he had ended a long stay in Europe. On first encounter he was articulate, suave, almost debonair. His work then surprised me by being as nitty-gritty in his writing as his demeanor was sophisticated.  The Great Mac daddy was supremely representative. Inspired by Amos Tutuloa’s The Palm Wine Drinkard, it is a superlative syntheses of African and African American motifs, drawing upon myth, folklore, fantastic forces, spirits-beliefs, superstitions and hyperbolic tales (sacred and profane) from both cultures- merging them into a seamless form and stylistic unity of drama, music and dance. It was and (still remains) innovative in form, content and production method. Its message was simple but the telling complex…A prominent reviewer hailed it as “the birth of the new black musical”. Its powerful scintillating realization buttressed the reputations of its talented creative team: Diane McIntrye and Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson et al…Two separate NEC productions were sites of a who’s who of stellar performers: Adolph Caesar, Hattie Winston, Phylicia Allen Rashad, Cleavon Little, Lynn Whitfield, Charles Brown, Barbara Montgomery, Charles Weldon, Al Freeman Jr., Carl Brown, Frankie Faison, BeBe Drake Hooks, Majorie Barnes, Victor Willis, Graham Brown, Martha Short – Golson, Dyane Harvey, Freda Vanterpool, Carol Malard, Joella Breedlove and David Downing, among others. 




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Actors of the NEC

Actors of the NEC

We trained and presented a whole care of successful black theatre artists in all area s of the profession, designers, actors, directors, producers etc…Probably the most visible are the number of successful actors we produced. People like Denzel Washington, Ester Rolle, Rosalind Cash, Sherman Helmsley, Laurence Fishburne, Samuel Jackson and Phylicia Rashad to name just a few.

– Douglas Turner Ward – 2009

Denzel Washington

Phylicia Rashad

Barbara Montgomery

Glynn Turman

Samuel L. Jackson

Charles Brown

Rosalind Cash

Godfrey Cambridge

Moses Gunn

Clarice Taylor

Ethel Ayler

Cleavon Little

Laurence Fishburne

Sherman Hemsley

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