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Doug Ward – Update

Doug Ward – Update

I just got back from New York where as usual I spent a considerable amount of time with Doug. Some of that time involved shooting a video interview with Doug. Excerpts from this will be used at the “Texas State Black and Latino Playwrights Conference” under the Artistic Direction of Eugene Lee an NEC alumni. This conference will take place at Texas State University on the weekend of September 14 to the 16th. Doug will be the honored guest and I will be doing a presentation on the “History of the NEC”. And since I believe in showing rather than telling I will have Doug on screen telling us first hand about the way things were…It promises to be a lively and informative event. Hope you can come and celebrate with us. Here is a small clip from the recent interviews with Doug.

On Thursday (May 24) I was invited to join Doug and his friend painter and illustrator George Ford Jr. on their weekly jaunt through various parts of the city and boroughs in George’s car. Before I got there the skies darkened, thunder cracked and the rain came pouring down. But that didn’t deter anything. George arrived and we drove to a section in Queens called “Five points” and looked at buildings just across from the Museum of Modern Art that were covered with wonderfully realized illustrations and other examples of graph art. To me (and us) some of the best examples of street art anywhere. Our conversation was lively and full of laughs as the rain continued. Then as if by magic it suddenly stopped and the sun came out. So we got out of the car and treated ourselves to lunch. I can’t remember when I had a more enjoyable day. Thank you Doug, thank you George, Thank you stormy weather and thank you to all of the artists putting their talents so abundantly on display.

In August Doug will be coming to Arizona to act in an experimental film that I have written and will be co-directing called “Black Eros”…More on that and on the conference at Texas State U. in our Fall issue.

Till then, have a good summer.

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